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Nothing screams SUMMER like our refreshing fruit series! These buttery New York-style cookies measure around 3.5 inches across and weigh 4.4 ounces! Made with only a few ingredients and baked to order, see why everyone is raving about us!


You will receive one of each flavor below.




Blueberry Yuzu - A refreshing blueberry cookie filled with dried blueberries, white chocolate, and topped with a light yuzu (Japanese lemon) glaze


Strawberry Shortcake Yakult - A vanilla cookie filled with golden Oreos and dried strawberries, topped with a yakult glaze and strawberry streusel.


Pineapple Bun - An mesh of your class Pineapple Bun pastry and Taiwanese pineapple cake dessert! A crispy pineapple-like crust with our in-house pineapple filling


2x Rainbow Passionfruit - This imaginative treat combines the tangy and aromatic essence of passionfruit with the sweetness of a cookie, all complemented by a tangy glaze and playful Fruity Pebbles topping.


Triple Chocolate S'mores - Our take on a s’mores cookie but chocolate galore! A rich brownie-like chocolate cookie dough, filled with semi sweet and dark chocolate, tomago boro egg biscuits, and centered with a huge toasted marshmallow.


Miso Walnut Chip- The perfect balance of sweet, savory, and umami flavor jam packed into our New York-style cookie. Contains Shiro (white) miso, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and walnuts.

Summer Sweets (6 Pack)

  • Our cookies are delivered ready-to-enjoy! When they arrive, you can  refrigerate for a maximum of 8 days. Alternatively, if you want to extend their shelf life, you can store them in the freezer for up to 3 months.

    If the cookies are frozen, it's important to allow them to thaw at room temperature for approximately 1 hour before reheating.

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