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I'm David, the founder of Yume Asian Fusion (Yume AF). As a first-generation Asian American, I grew up surrounded by vibrant Asian culture in NYC's Chinatown. While initially pursuing the "American Dream" in college, I discovered my passion for entrepreneurship. I aimed to create something that would positively impact my community and raise awareness of Asian culture in America. With hard work, I opened my first business, Eggloo, a dessert shop specializing in Hong Kong waffles and ice cream back in 2015. Eggloo garnered positive feedback and media attention internationally, including achieving Zagat 30 under 30 in 2016.


Last year I married the love of my life (a DMV native) and here I am today! Fueled by the same aspirations, I aim to promote Asian culture through Yume AF.


Yume AF pays homage to everyone who grew up with multicultural influences. We aim to create a recognizable brand that embodies different fast-casual Asian inspired concepts that are both innovative and authentic.


Our initial concept includes Asian-inspired New York-style cookies. We hope you enjoy these sweets and join us on this exciting new chapter.

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